Do you have High-Functioning Anxiety?

Calming Your Anxiety Doesn’t Have To Mean A Dramatic Overhaul.

Do you feel stuck with anxiety at different stages in your life? Would you like a more calming life or running your business WITHOUT CYCLICAL ANXIETY?

You wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead. With your endless “to-do” list(s). You know there must be a way to make that anxiety go away so you can just get on with your day. You feel busy but not productive, overthink things, and you are not sleeping well. You’re tired. So tired. Some of your fellow humans see you struggling. Others look at you and think you are wonder woman!

You deserve to feel your best and BE your best. Let’s work together to understand your personal experience with anxiety and how your physiology can be used as something to help you in life.


I would like to give you permission to start living life with more ease and joy. 

I’m an anxiety specialist who helps ambitious professionals and women in business to create an easier life… even with anxiety.

I want you to have a life plan that clearly outlines how you can continue to have longevity with resilience in your chosen profession. You may decide it’s your time to pivot. If you are a woman in business, finally stop the cycle of anxiety every time you feel  overwhelmed and stressed.

I see you…

Desiring to live an easier, more fun & fulfilled life.

I hear you

Struggling to keep your voice from cracking while your body shakes when confronted by someone.

I understand

Your challenges with situational anxiety

….with nagging thoughts at 3am.

Let’s prioritize self-care. It’s your time to rediscover joy and grace and self-compassion. No matter what life brings you. 

Using a  clear outline I have developed over the years, we will gently guide you so you stop cycling through negative thought patterns and empower you to speak up.

You will learn how to take a step back when you struggle to speak up, hesitate, overthink and no longer trust your gut like you have in the past.

Dealing with anxiety doesn’t have to be so hard.

….with nagging thoughts at 3am.

It’s time to use your Anxiety as your Ally so you can Worry Less and Live More. For yourself and others. With a plan. There will be situational anxiety throughout your life. Let’s come up with a plan for which one of these situations you seem to feel stuck.

Use Anxiety as Your Ally. So you can Worry Less & Live More.

Dealing with anxiety doesn’t have to be so hard. There will be situational anxiety throughout your life. Let’s come up with a plan for which of these situations you seem to feel stuck.

(hello negative self-talk…isn’t dating supposed to be fun?!)

(you’re human, so ALL relationships can bring on anxiety but this type feels more like certain people in your life trigger your anxiety… am’I right?)

are times in life where it shows up during various normal changes we all go through but your anxiety feels EXCESSIVE during these times…every time (changing jobs or homes, marriage, business decisions, college….this list is endless!)

Let’s give you another way to think about anxiety so it can be something you use for good.




Calm Your Anxious Mind Today


Make a great decision to get yourself out of the cycle of situational anxiety so you can feel less tired and worn out during challenging times in your business and life.

I’m here to help you refocus and shift anxiety before it hijacks your brain and body so that you can truly enjoy and be present in your profession, business and relationships.

Let me help you focus.

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“…And I love the phrase “Science & Soul to Grow Your Business & Life”.  I like that it appeals to both logic (science) and the more nebulous (soul) and that it talks about growing both your business and life TOGETHER, not separate.  This is really appealing for me as someone with my own business.”   

Course Participant

“Dr. Hartwell does a phenomenal job at identifying precautionary problem areas in a relationship and explains things that finally made sense why I was anxious about my decisions. And most importantly, what to do about it more like an expedition of my life. Her sessions are fun and light but feel like a deep dive too.” 

Therapy Client

“The VIP day setting was inspiring and warm and Dr. Hartwell helped us feel at ease to provide honest answers in the exercises. The exercises were fun and challenging and exposed a lot of the issues we were there to tackle. The perfect ending was the spa experience, we really didn’t want the day to end!”      

VIP Day at Four Seasons Hotel, Hawaii