Do you have High-Functioning Anxiety?

When negative experiences in your life keep repeating themselves, you have two decisions in front of you:

Decision 1

Blame yourself.

Allow the experience to make you feel helpless, worried, shaky and unsure.  Second-guess every decision you make. Fear conversations with difficult personalities. Endure the pain of disconnect in relationships. Accept that things haven’t changed, which means they never will.

Decision 2

Explore how past experiences led to present behavior, learn from them, and more importantly – make those experiences work for you

Discover the practical guide to using negative behavior patterns to your advantage in relationships, in business and at home.

You see, it all starts with apples (yes, apples!) …

I spent my childhood near the orchards in my home town. Year in, year out, I’d notice the work orchard managers did to keep each tree working in unison for the good of the orchard.

And it taught me a little something about life …,

  • The only way the orchard thrives is if the trees work together
  • As the orchard manager oversees things, their job is to notice the trees with rotten apples and care for them
  • Rotten apples aren’t just accepted, they’re expected. Their responsibility is to go back into the ground, fertilize the soil, and keep the orchard blooming, year after year.
  • The trees have a relationship and are reliant on each other

Apples and orchards are much like people,


We’re in this orchard together. There’s no categorizing of good or bad people … just bad experiences.

As the proverbial orchard manager, it’s my job to notice what bad experience you’ve had and make sense of them with you, through practical exercises that start at the core of the issue.

Which is why

I wrote this book.

Grab a copy of Bad Apples: How to Feel Good Even When Rotten Things Happen and get:

  • The little known secret of using negative patterns to become more focused and energized in both business and life
  • What your past experiences teach you and what to be mindful of today
  • Get to Chapter Four to uncover the biggest mistakes most people make when trying to change their behavior (and how you can avoid them)
  • Flipping the script: What the positive side of negativity is and how to use it
  • How your body teaches you to use your bad apples to your advantage (and when to ignore it)
  • Chapter 1 reveals the 6 benefits of changing your behavior most therapists won’t tell you
  • Over 120 pages of practical exercises you can do today the next time you notice negative patterns starting to repeat themselves

*Plus: Turn to page 149 and unlock exclusive bonuses with expert interviews, worksheets and special reports designed to gently help you work through your experiences beyond this book.

Softcover, 164 pages ….. $19.99

A Portion of Book Sales Donated to Joyful Heart Foundation 

“Finally, a practical guide to feeling better. Dr. Hartwell helps us with an introspective review of our lives so that we can connect the dots and gain insight into our struggles. Pinpointing where we are in our development provides the plan for what needs to be done to feel better and continue to thrive. It is wonderful to be reminded that we have the potential to continue to develop!”  

Penny R. Marzalik,

“Bad Apples and Dr. Hartwell have changed my life! In my business, I deal with some challenging personality types. Bad Apples helped me easily and clearly understand how to deal with these problems and move forward. Lisa has given me the tools to deal with all types of challenges and ultimately it has helped my business improve its bottom line.”

Alan Centofante,
President of The Centofante Group

“Dr.Lisa Hartwell is one of my go-to resources in the field of mental heath and issues relating to parent and child dynamics. Bad Apples helps people get to the core of issues so they can deal with them. It provides  the steps you need to follow to figure out the issues that are troubling you and what you need to do to deal with them head on, using the very effective developmental approach.”  

Helen McNeil,
Editor/Associate Publisher, HONOLULU Family Magazine

“Dr. Hartwell was one of the most charismatic speakers I have ever encountered. She is intelligent yet very gentle and has shown to be a caring person and friend. Through her extensive training in this specific field, her understanding of these issues exceeds the majority of other clinical psychologists.”  

Soyoung Sung, PsyD,
Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice


Pragmatic, professional and compassionate – three words to accurately reflect the therapy practice of Dr Lisa Hartwell.

After almost 30 years as a trauma nurse, Dr Hartwell developed a thriving clinical psychology practice. Working with high-achievers, executives and couples, she not only guides them through anxiety, negative patterns and relationship issues to give them strength, but leads them to achieve remarkable success.

Currently living in Hawaii with her loving husband and adventurous son, Dr Hartwell aims to give practical and applicable practices to people suffering from anxiety, stress, and difficult relationships.  She helps them to both see the messages their experiences give them, and thrive in life.